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Although the summer passed, but my mind also emerged in the summer vacation dumplings scene.

In a sunny noon, I went to the little aunt home to do class. One to her door, the little aunt came to see me, and smiled and said to me: "We have not dumplings for a long time, and today we pack dumplings it!" I would like to engage in the activities of the family do not get too much Nodded.

10 o'clock or so, the little aunt holding dumplings and dumplings stuffing, said: "I can start dumplings!" I and cousin one, went to the kitchen wash his hand, ready to dumplings.

Because I do not dumplings at home, had to ask cousin, cousin told me the steps. I picked up a thin and small skin, and put a lot of meat filling, when I then folded a dumplings to wrap a good time, no matter how hard I can not, this can be difficult I am out there I think about it, after a period of time, I finally know that this skin is made of flour, put some water there is a sticky. Think of here, I immediately took a bowl of water, the right coated with water, a pair of fold, a dumplings on the finished. After a long time, I and the cousin finally completed this "difficult" task - dumplings.

Little aunt came to see me both wrapped in dumplings, and poured out the tricks, there are triangular, semi-circular ... ... his face suddenly exposed smile. She put the dumplings in boiling water. After a period of time, that small and exquisite dumplings have been presented in front of me, I picked up a chopstick taste, very delicious, dumplings are their own package, and my heart do not mention how happy.

In this dumplings, I also received a lot of harvest Oh!















This summer, I intend to take a good job. With a good mental outlook to meet the fifth grade.

I intend to do a few things in the summer vacation, as follows:

I intend to go to the sun and the moon valley hot springs, because there are hundreds of different hot springs, I mainly want to realize the great changes in China in recent years.

I intend to go for a picnic, because from small to large are to spring, you can try picnic. So take this summer to go for a picnic.

I also intend to about my cousin, cousin, cousin to tree planting activities. I have to plant this tree, "I hope tree."

I'm ready to come up with my little broom. Clean the whole room. Swept out my little personality of the small room, swept out a small world.

I will be happy, happy to have this hot summer vacation.


Summer vacation life, there are two or three things, more than a hundred pieces, of which there are two or three things, so I can not forget a long time, often think there is always a trace of comfort.

The first thing that happened was on the day of the holiday, and I was still playing like a computer. At this time, one of my partners came, she said a word I have always felt very reasonable. He said: "Every day to repeat the same thing, not very boring it?" After we think of a way to enrich our lives. That is, every day in addition to writing homework, our game will have a big change. We will play the original computer, changed in the E-degree online writing, not only enrich the cultural life, and our essays published, but also bring us spiritual enjoyment - "a sense of victory."

The second thing, I will take time to listen to songs every day, listen to some of the more popular and more classic. I will occasionally cover some, because often practice for us is an important way to try to succeed. In fact, there are some music, not only popular, and some still use music to tell their own feelings to be expressed, carefully appreciate the music, constantly repeated appreciation, repeated cover, there will be different gains. In writing, often encountered in some places is written with the lyrics, in fact, the benefits of music more than that, we can get a spiritual enjoyment in the music.

This is what I remember in the winter vacation, although simple, but it gives us endless enjoyment and endless fun!






The Fox and the Grapes

Early in the fall, a fox saw ripe grapes in a garden. He wanted to eat them.

He said to himself, “How lucky I am! I've found some nice grapes.” He crept into the garden, and came to the grapes. He jumped up at the grapes, but he could not reach them. He jumped again and again, but in vain.

At last he gave it up, and said to himself, “The grapes are sour. I don't want sour grapes.” And he went away.





Self Introduction

My name is Sandy. I'm 12 years old. My birthday is on April 7. There are six people in my family. I have two older sisters and one younger brother. My father is tall. My mother is good. My grandmother is old. She likes to water flowers. I am a student. I like to go to school because I have many friends at school. I am in the sixth grade of Chung-chen Elementary School. I study Chinese, science, math, social science, etc. I like math and Chinese because my Chinese and math are very good. I want to be a doctor in the future because i want to help sick people. I want to go to New Zealand because the air is very fresh and there are many cute calves there! I will go there by airplane.



About Me

My name is Lynn. I am a junior high school student. I am fifteen years old. My father is open-minded and my mother is smart. So am I. My brother is cute. I have a warm family. I go to school five days a week. But I like to study. My favorite sport is swimming. I like the ocean and collecting sea-shells at the seashore. I want to be an English teacher just like my cousin. This is all about me



my family

Do you know my family? You don’t know? OK, let me intro you.

There are three people in my family. They are my father, my mother and I.

My father, Kenneth, he is a manager. Does he have any hobbies? Of course. He likes sport, especially table tennis. But my mother and I don’t like this hobby. He play table tennis very will.

My mother, rose, she is a housewife. And she has the same hobby with a majority of other housewives—going shopping.

I, Jessica, oh! I think I have a lot of hobbies! Drawing pictures, collecting stamps, reading books……OK, OK, I like drawing pictures, it’s the best!

This is my family. Do you know now?









附近的河 The River Near My House

There is a river near my house.

As the water is so clear, a lot of people like to go swimming when summer comes.

Even though it is not deep, still accident happens every year.

So people are always warned to be careful.

I will not go swimming there without my parents’ company, as they worry about me a lot.

I want them to be ease.






闪亮的星星 Shining Stars

As the summer comes, I will go back to my hometown and spend some time with my grandparents.

The trees are green and the water is clear, but the most beautiful scenery is the stars.

When night comes, the sky is full of stars.

They are shining brightly.

The whole village is lighted.

I always stand outside the house and enjoy beautiful moment.






我的快乐 My Happiness

As a child, I feel very happy everyday.

I have a happy family.

My mother takes care of our chores and she can cook a lot of delicious food.

No matter how busy my father is, he will spare some time to stay with me.

In the weekend, my family will go out to have activity.

We communicate a lot and laugh out loudly.






善意的谎言 The White Lie

We are always educated that telling lies is not good, and we should be honest.

Indeed, we should not lie to our parents, but sometimes the white lie works better than honest.

Once I wanted to go to visit my grandma, but my mother said she was not at home.

Actually, she was sick and my mother did not want me to worry, so that I can focus on study.








I had a happy summer holiday because I did many interesting things.

I went to the beach and I swam in the sea.

I called my friend and played with them.I visited my grandparents and ate much delicious food.

Then I went to the zoo whit my sister.

I was very happy.Because I saw a lot of animals.They were very lovely.

So I took photos of all animals.I liked the butterflies best.

They were colourful and beautiful.My sister liked it too.

I had a wonderful summer holiday this year.







Water, is the source of human life. Water conservation must starts from me, from the start, everyone is the obligation and responsibility.

We should develop energetically afforestation, increase forest area, water conservation.

Make full use of water-saving appliances, extensive conduct propaganda water conservation benefits, make people consciously aware that water is a precious resource, abandon the "inexhaustible, be inexhaustible " stereotypes.

In order to create a better environment, we should cherish every drop of water.

Let us start from the little things around us, start from our own, to protect the limited water resources, protect the environment on which people live.

I hope people can take practical action to make up for past






My favourite teacher is Miss Huang.She is a beautiful lady.

She has two big eyes, a high nose and a little red mouth.There is always a smile on her face.

Miss Huang likes singing and collecting posters. She is good at playing the piano.

In the evening, she always sits in front of the piano and plays nice music.She is good at dancing, too. Sometimes she teaches us dancing.

Miss Huang likes dogs very much because the dog is very friendly and cute.

Her favourite color is blue. Because blue is the color of the sky and the sea.

This is my favourite teacher. Our classmates all like her very much.







I love my mother. My mother this year 38 years old, in CP Hua Secondary School teaching.

My mother long with a tall, round face always with a smile.

Mother takes good care of me in life.

Get up at six thirty every morning, it woke me up, my mother gave me cooking, cooking, and hurried to school.

She always left me delicious, she often gives me a fish to eat, always give me delicious food, regardless of their own.

Mother not only care about in life I, still learning patiently taught me, every night mother together with me to learn, I do my homework, mother preparing lessons, sometimes we both endorsed, story.

I must study hard and make progress every day, grow up will repay mother.







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